Setting up a web page (wwwme)

Create your Web page directory as follows:

1. From any computer connected to the internet, start an SSH program (such as the programs described here). Type in the Host/Session box, then click connect. 

2. When the Student window opens in SSH, you will be prompted to enter your name and your password (press <return> after each). These must match exactly (upper and lower case matters) the username and password you were assigned. 

3. When you are successfully logged in, your window will probably scroll with information. Look for the $ prompt. When you see it, type sudo wwwme. 

4. Expect to receive a welcome message confirming the directory is established. BUT, if you already have a directory for your web pages you will receive the following message
   You seem to already have a web directory.

If you feel this is an error, please contact your teacher.

This means that there is already a web directory for your account.

5. Now type exit and you will end your SSH session 

From then on, to get to your home page directory to upload/download files, use a secure client such as NiftyTelnet (Mac) or WinSCP2 (PC). In a nutshell:

The login to your directory is:

userID: (your user name-the one you used to establish the account.)

Password: (the one you used to establish the account)

Directory: /home/WWW_pages/username


If you need assistance please contact your instructor, a lab technician, or