Account Wipe

End of Semester Account Deletions

At the end of every semester we will remove  all student accounts from the server, this includes all student databases, and webpages. Please be sure to retrieve any data that you wish to keep before this date. SRJC will not retain any backups of the data on this server.

This only affects your account, it will does not affect any other accounts. If you have any questions about this, please e-mail

The next account deletion date is June 12,  2020.


Quick FAQ:

    Q. What do I have to do for summer/fall/spring semester?
    A. You can re-apply for an account when the semester starts
    Q. Will my account still be available, but just empty?
    A. No, all accounts are removed along with the data.
    Q. Will I be able to get the same username that I had before?
    A. We cannot guarantee that.  Usernames are first come first serve.
    Q. Where do I sign up for a new account?
    A. You can sign up at

Thank you, 

The Internet Services Team.